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Want to Have Something Made Just For You?
John D’Antonio is our Sculptor & Master Wax Carver.

Let’s create something beautiful together.

Whatever you can imagine, our talented craftsmen and jewelers can make your vision into a reality.

Seeing is Believing.

Sometimes is starts with a vision. You come to us with an idea and our job is to take what’s inside your head and turn it into a reality. Not an easy task for most. But for us, we take the time to listen to you.

We have the talent. We will work with you to understand your vision and how best to translate that idea into reality.

Sometimes is starts with “make me a ring” from a customer who cannot express their ideas. Years of experience and hundreds of unique pieces of jewelry that were developed have made this a simple process where the customer can trust us completely to get the job done.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Sketch of Design

1 — Design Stage

The first step is to always sketch out the design. Going over any artwork supplied that needs to be reproduced or rendered onto the jewelry design. From the simplest requests to the very complex that requires sketched layouts and rendered views. This is what we excel and the work begins fresh and with a passion for creating beauty.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Wax Carving

2 — The Prototype

Once the idea is formed and the customer approves, we start by making the wax model. John begins sculpting the design taking in every detail from what was discussed. Next, materials such as diamonds or other precious materials are placed into the model to assure fit and accuracy. Doing this avoids costly mistakes and keeps production time down to a minimum.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Materials

3 —The Materials

The types of metals, precious materials, and stones that will be incorporated into the design have been confirmed and ready for the next stage. Size and weight, types of finishes and mounting are prepared. We cover everything that is best suited to your needs. And we create the piece with a long life, lasting durability, and esthetics in mind.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Casting Model

4 — Casting the model

Now that everything has been meticulously checked, the model can now be cast in metal. Once this has been done, the casting is cleaned, inspected, and checked for imperfections for this piece to be worthy of being a one of a kind design. You won’t be left out of this mystical process. We keep you well informed every step of the way to make sure you know how the work progresses and that we’ve captured your vision perfectly.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Finished Casting

5 — Moment of truth

The big unveiling where you receive the work and examine it to make certain it is your idea made real by skilled hands. It is always customary at this point to sing our praises and write numerous good reviews sharing your experience with others who have yet to come to our doors and ask us to work our magic. By all means, please, go right ahead and share this with the world.

Custom Designs and Fabrication - Finished Design

6 — Finishing Touches

The last part is when we hear back from the owner of a new custom creation!

We’d love that part of the precess the best and love to hear from happy customers.

Are you ready to create something beautiful?

Contact us and find out more about having us make your next custom designed one of a kind piece of jewelry!

Jewelry is our passion!

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Let's create something beautiful together.

Whatever you can imagine, our talented craftsmen and jewelers can make your vision into a reality.

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