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Jewelry Appraisals: Why They Are Important

You Need A Jewelry Appraisal And Here’s Why


The best form of protection: Every mark, material, distinction, flaw, and characteristic of your jewelry from the metal to the gemstones will be fully examined, researched, and documented to produce a detailed accurate estimation of its value.


Quality of Service: A certified jewelry appraiser identifies and grades the gemstones in the piece. The age, grade of jewelry design, make and markings of the craftsman who created it if applicable. Every detail is researched and well documented in the appraisal report.


Passing Grades: To perform an accurate jewelry appraisal, several test are conducted to make certain of the items true value and worth. Gemstones are inspected with a Microscope, Spectroscope, and Refractometer. We don’t just rely on one tool to do the job. Doing a proper appraisal requires time and preparation. The metal is also tested to ascertain it’s purity and antiquity.


Certifications: Every completed jewelry appraisal comes with a list of credentials and certifications that authenticate the jewelry’s actual value. Having your jewelry appraised and documented with certificates only enhances their worth and investment.


Why have your jewelry Appraised? Insurance. A well documented appraisal will aid in replacement for lose or damage. It provides protection, identification, collateral, and an estimated cash value. It can be used in probate, estates, donation, divorce, and in some cases bankruptcy proceedings. With every case, a properly appraised piece of jewelry quickens the proceedings. Having an accurate appraisal of your jewelry in a detailed report will provide a retail replacement value used for obtaining insurance coverage. If you consider your jewelry an investment, then it’s wise to insure your assets.


Do you really need an Appraisal? If your jewelry is valuable enough to wonder if you should have it appraised, then the answer is yes. Jewelry can become damaged, lost, or stolen. Having the information on each piece helps to determine a pre-existing condition on the jewelry. And this clears up any questions to the insurance companies to what the true value to replace on insurance claims.


Collateral. Sometimes jewelry, diamonds, and precious gemstones can be used for collateral. Having a well documented appraisal that literally points out the exact value of your jewelry can aid this process when time is a factor.

Comprehensive Jewelry Appraisals:

Schedule an appointment to bring in your jewelry. Our trained experts will conduct a thoroughly detailed examination of your items. Prepare a fully certified point by point appraisal report covering every material and detail that is suitable for more quality insurance coverage.

$90.00 / per item

*Additional charges may apply upon inspection of jewelry.

All Appraisals Include:

  • Certifcate of Authentisity.
  • Listing All Materials.
  • Details of Stone.
  • Any Makers Marks.
  • Any History of the Piece.
  • Full Documentation.

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